Friday, May 31, 2013

Some Like It Hot!

Hot sauce is a staple in our house.  You can pretty much take away any of the condiments from my fridge but if you mess with my hot sauce I'm going to have to lay a big 'ol hurt on you.  So for the heck of it I thought I would ask my fierce fire eating afficianados if they would be willing to give their tolerant, heat seeking taste buds a go round round over two hot sauces that are currently holed up in my fridge.

The first hot sauce is from the kitchen of Chef Rossy Earle's company Supi Cucu . Her Diablo's Fuego can be found in the kitchens of La Carnita and Chef Scott Vivien of Beast. I think it's even been found on some Christmas wish lists.  This hot sauce is heavily inspired by Chef Earle's Panamanian roots.  
Without question it rocks.  As my hunny would hot sauce ever.  

Next up is a new comer to the Big Smoke from the kitchen of Cafe Con Leche which makes unbelievably awesome Paletas (popsicles) which you'll need to cool down after chuffing down this hot sauce.  This baby is packing some big time heat.  Carlos, who makes this sauce, is using his Mother's traditional Mexican recipe. I'm not sure where the name No7 comes from but I'm willing to give 'er a go.  I

So big daddy let's kick the tires and light the fires.  Stay tuned....results to come!  

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