Monday, May 24, 2010

Medium Rare

Any business that has a cow on the roof is a business that I want to know about. As one of the original FARC girls who love to eat the meat it is so appropriate that my 100th review here at Yelp is all about the carnivore in me. What just sweetens the pot for me is that it is also going to be an FTR (cha-ching!)
I have found heaven on earth and it's located on Dundas Street just east of the 427. Medium Rare is a fairly new player on the meat scene going up against the likes of the Healthy Butcher and Rowe Farms but as far as I'm concerned Frank Del Gobbo and his crew at Medium Rare have them beat hands down. MR is known to its customers for its butchery, its charcuterie and its great offering of prepared foods, hence they refer to Medium Rare as a cookery.

The real thing of beauty at this meat stop and their claim to true meat glory is that the butchery does a dry age cure of the beef. What's super cool is that they have put a window in at the end of the store where they have racks adorned with loins and prime ribs all tagged with aging dates. To quote one of my favorite sista FARC's (and I'll let you guess who that might be) SHUT THE FARM DOOR! I just can't believe what I'm seeing! I just stood there like a small child gazing all starry eyed into the old Eaton's Christmas windows with my little faced pressed up against the glass dreaming of what treasures might come my way.
Hey Santa, this girl's been quite nice (and maybe a teeny weeny naughty) this year so do you think you can leave a hunk of perfectly aged beef tenderloin under my tree? Perhaps a small prime rib 'o beef? Or maybe a New York strip...just a itty bitty one. Hell I'd do my best Eartha Kitt rendition of Santa Baby if I thought it'd get me some meat.

There is an endless selection of meats that are already vacuumed packed with seasoning such as the Chimichurri beefsteaks. They sell my most beloved Berkshire Pork in this store. The meat counter runs almost the whole length of the shop and this place is the mother lode of high quality, ethically farmed, hormone free, locally raised and harvested meats. Opposite of the butcher case is a full wall of upright freezers filled with everything from desserts to pot pies to seafood. I counted more than 20 kinds of sausages.

Fresh prepared foods are also readily available. I took home a bundle of giant Fred Flintstone sized beef ribs
and a container of roasted potatoes with prosciutto and herbs. I was told that they have a small smoker on the premises and the ribs I grabbed up had been smoked right there at the store. Frank Del Gobbo is my meat God. I am not worthy.

And for you grass eating, sprout munching bunch of vegetarians, yes there are things for you too. There is a beautiful line of freshly jarred soups and huge gorgeous platters of grilled vegetables.....whatever. Medium Rare has created their own branded line of food products. Kudos to them for making sure to cover all their food bases.

Medium Rare is my personal shrine to all things that are meat. I say hallelujah Brothers and Sisters and please pass the prime rib!!! It's my meat mecca on Dundas....amen.

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  1. Frank will be sadly missed by many of us foodies. He is a tragic loss to our community. His passion was unsurpassed and his attention to detail truly memorable. RIP Frank Del Gobbo.