Monday, August 23, 2010

Hands for Husking....a girl goes west!

Living in Caledon, life with things like tractor pulls, fall fairs and local corn roasts just becomes a part of everyday life. These events are usually benchmarks of the seasons that we live with. Caledon is an enigma of a community. It is where urban meets rural, golf tees butt up against cow farms and the Forks of the Credit is not a restaurant but rather one of the most popular viewing spots in all of Ontario for the fall colours. Caledon boasts ownership of such landmarks as the Oak Ridges moraine, the Niagara Escarpment and one of my personal fave spots, the Badlands. How can you not love a community with a spot called the Badlands?

Last Saturday this girl went west, over to Valleywood which is basically the opposite western corner to where I live in Bolton. It's the other corner of urban sprawl of Caledon and last Saturday it played host to the Valleywood Residents Association Annual Corn roast. I was fortunate to get a personal invitation from the VRA Prezzie, the lovely Laura Genoway. I accepted immediately and then said "what can I do? Put my hands to work! Let me help out!" After all, I'm not just another pretty face ya know. :) So it all hands on the husking deck for this girl as I stepped up with a bunch of volunteers and we husked a small flatbed of corn for the event. I'd like to give kudos to Regional Councillor Allan Thompson and his family for donating all the corn to the annual event. Councillor Thompson grows it on his farm and has been kind enough to support this event for the past couple of years. I actually first met him over in my own hood, at the Bolton Farmer's Market, where he was hawking his corn. Six bucks for a baker's dozen or $.50 a cob. This is some damn fine eating. I'd also like to give a big thumbs up to Laura Genoway and her crew over in Valleywood. You sure know how to show an eastern Caledon girl a darned fine good time.

There was pig to be eaten, courtesy of Area Councillor Gord McClure, who cooked up the very first pig roast at this event! The pork was fantastic and I enjoyed every single mouthful. The field was covered with bouncy castles to be jumped on, sponges to be tossed and lots of local young musicians jamming with their bands. This is a multi cultural community which meant that naturally there were samosas to be gobbled up. I caught a break being strategically located next to that table.

At the booth I was volunteering at, it was all about the corn porn. I was using a crock pot with melted butter to help keep those cobs of golden deliciousness warm and tasty. Life doesn't get much better.

Finally this eastern Caledon girl would just like to say thank you to all the friends that I made last Saturday. There has been a lot of western versus eastern chatter in Caledon but what I learned was that we are all one community together. It was a pleasure to meet so many of my eastern neighbours and I look forward to getting to know them more. Up next....the Bolton Fall Fair and apple season! I can hardly wait! Here's hoping my western pals will come over to my side of town. I'd be happy to be just as gracious a host.

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