Monday, February 6, 2012

Reel Eats - From Screen to Table

The idea of taking film about food and translating it in to real time, real life and better yet, real food makes me as giddy as Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) would be at the thought of being locked in ComicCon after hours. Bazinga!. I'm such a gastro-nerd of the most fun kind, a moniker that I must say, I much prefer over the label of being called a Foodie.
Mary Luz Mejia & Mario Stojanac of Sizzling Communications introduced the inaugural series of Reel Eats by kicking it off with film director Ang Lee's "Man Woman Eat Drink". Hosted out of the working loft of Chef Vanessa Yeung's Aphrodite Cooks and co-anchored by

Sang Kim of Sushi Making for the Soul, we are transported to the menu of the film. It may be Reel Eats but this is just real good.

The film menu included: Year of the Dragon Winter melon soup; Jia-Chien Snow Pea Shoots sauteed with garlic; Family Unity Chicken and Cucumber Salad; Chef Chu's Abundant Blessings braised pork belly with choi sum (my favorite dish of the evening); Double happiness Taiwanese clams; Shan Shan's Ginger Chicken potstickers (as it turns out the dumplings are a Yeung family tradition); Lucky steamed rice and the happy endings come via deep fried bananas with ginger ice cream.
All in all, I loved the menu and it was just the perfect blast of fun on a January evening to meet up in a roomful of people and dine congregately, just like the family in the film. Highlights of the evening included a Story Tellers component which I must say I really enjoyed. We got to hear from Carol Devine, author of the blog "The Antartic Book of Cooking and Cleaning"; playwright, Diane Tso and Gemini nominated actress, Grace Lynn Kung. Rounding out this presentation included comments from Sang Kim, one of the presenting chefs.
I'm very pleased to share that Reel Eats is a series in the making, so we are just getting warmed up. There will be more to follow. Next up will be one of my most favorite food films of all time "The Big Night" which will be held at The Big Ragu on Monday, February 27th. Like "Eat Drink Man Woman" the menu will once again be replicated and let me tell you this will be an epic evening of food in true Italian style, hosted by the BR's chef and big fella, Carmine Accogli. Catch a glimpse of what is in store for us at The Big Night at The Big Ragu. I think what ultimately makes this event so special is surrounding yourself with like minded folk who just love to sit down and indulge in great food and great wines. Life just doesn't get much better than this.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my fellow diners and epicurean pals: Chef Scott Savoie (@culinaryadvco) ; Pop up resto sammie slammer, Matt Basile aka Fidel Gastro; The coolest baking chick I know, the delightful Ms. Paula Costa (@dragonskitchen)
; Peter Minaki (@kalofagas)the King of all things Greek; the charming Ms. Mardi (@eatlivtravrite) and of course the effervescent Chef Rossy Earle (@pancancooks & @supicucu)
and last but not least, my second daughter Kyla Zanardi (@kylazanardi). Aside from the amazing food & libations it is the company that makes this night so special. Of course it doesn't hurt when Chef Vanessa Yeung keeps a study stream of extra Ginger Chicken dumplings coming my way. Thanks Vanny! MamaCoop really appreciated it.

For more information on future Reel Eats or to purchase tickets contact Mary Luz Mejia at 416.992.2644 or via email at

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Wish I was there for the Big Night. It was one of Sean's fave films.