Monday, May 24, 2010


Frida que adoro usted tanto! Usted tiene el lo mejor alimento mexicano en la ciudad. Como la revisión anterior por Kat, yo no pienso que 5.000 palabras es suficiente en escribir acerca de cuánto yo le adoro Frida! Ok, enough of my crappy Spanish, I think you get the gist. We loved Frida! My SO took his fav FARC girls out for a personal farewell to my food loving sister Deanna and we hit up Frida. After reading the three 5 star reviews we were practically salivating at the chance to check out this uptown spot out and Frida had her food mojo on full blast. For app's we had to have some of the guac with homemade tortilla chips. Guacamole has been so bastardized over the last few years in chain restaurants that they've turned it into lumpy green sludge but no so at Frida's. Guacamole is alive and well on Eglinton Avenue. Deanna wouldn't let our waiter take the plate away, even during dinner, just in case we wanted to scrape up the last few nodules of that avocado goodness. Our second app was slices of a spiced fried cheese (the name of which escapes my brain), it came on a plate with some home made tomatilla salsa and a plate of soft, warm, light flour tortillas. It was absolutely delicious.

Mains included a Quail Mole Poblano served atop a bed of rice that had grilled plantains, spring onions, brussel sprouts and baby beets all adorning the plate. The mole sauce was perfection in motion and I've eaten my share of mole sauce over the years but what is on the plate at Frida's is blue ribbon. My SO ordered up the Lamb Barbacoa. Initially he wanted the Halibut but was informed a few minutes later by the wait staff that this fish wasn't available. They apologized profusely and then comp'd him one of his Heinken's to make up for the inconvenience. As it turns out the Lamb was incredible. Moist. Pull apart easy. It comes with a cup of broth beside it that you are supposed to slurp in between mouthfuls of meat. The lamb is braised in Morita Sauce and is served with Salsa Roja and grilled vegetables.

Deanna ordered up a couple of appies instead of a main. Tostadas de Scalpion Yucateco "Dizk" are mini tostados of shredded flank steak topped with Habanero sauce and some sort of Mexican cheese. Crunchy, delicious and a filling app. In addition to this Deanna ordered Enchiladas Lamb Barbacoa smothered in Borracha styled sauce, onions, coriander and cheese. We washed this down with some of their house margaritas (traditional, mango, pomegranate).

While we may be the girls who love to eat the meat we also like to eat the sweets. Our gluttony won us over and we ordered up a plate of Churros for dessert. Churros are Mexican donuts, the difference being they aren't round but rather usually long finger length pieces. Please purge any Timmy's thoughts you may be having. Typically Churros come with some sort of hot melted chocolate but these came with Dulce La Leche and the plate was beautifully decorated with venetian cream and hearts. We have a heart on for Frida! Food presentation is ever present at Frida's. You can see for yourself as I've pasted up a bunch of pics from our food adventures.

The room is comfy and decorated in deep blues with splashes of orange & red. I'm sure Frida herself would have approved. There is a real comfortable vibe in the restaurant and they were playing some great dinner tunes while we stuffed our gullets! Big props on the nice bathroom! For a small restaurant I was surprised at the lovely amenities. The service was excellent and the young man who served us was helpful and patient while we routed the menu. If you are in to really authentic, delicious, well prepared Mexican food then Frida needs to be put on your "must go to" list. Finally, one small tidbit of trivia about Frida herself. Did you know that Frida had a love affair with jazz icon, Josephine Baker. Yup, my daughter text'd me that little nugget of information that she learned in one of her art classes at university. Glad to know that she is learning something at school.

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