Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm a girl who loves to eat the meat!

Meat. Sleep. Pray. Then give thanks to the higher powers for a dude named Darryl Koster (pink hair and all) for his love of creating the perfect smoked meat. Life is just too damn short not to eat such good bbq. Or as one 'smokin dude I know and adore would say...."Put a little south in your mouth!". Picture this. Out in the burbs. In a meat processing plant. Sitting in a room with 20 other strangers. You have one thing in common. You've come to eat smoked meat. Not just any smoked meat....Buster Rhino's smoked meat and more importantly hosted by the whacked up, jacked up, smoke head we know as Darryl Koster. Any guy who'd take a couple of pounds of Italian (pronounce that Eye-talian) ground sausage meat, wrap it in bacon and 'cue it is just one step over the smoked up line of sanity. If Darryl wasn't already married him I'd scoop him up in a second.

The girls who love to eat the meat met up (or in this case meat up) to indulge in one of Darryl's private tastings. For thirty bucks we not only go to gobble up meat but we got educated a ton about the difference of bbq. From the low and slow philosophy to the should I pull the membrane off those ribs to the difference between back ribs and side was a moment.

So this was the menu....started with Pig Candy.
Oh gawd. Take me now I'm in bacon heaven. Then it was Atomic Buffalo Turds. Yup, you read that right. Jalapeno peppers, halved, stuffed with cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon and bbq'd. Oh like that wasn't orgasmic enough. We moved on to Bacon Explosion. That would be ground sausage meat wrapped up in bacon and sliced like one of those jelly roll cakes. The sausage meat is well seasoned with fennel and marries well with the bacon.

Then comes the smoked brisket on a bun, sided with simply some of the 'effing best potato salad I've ever eaten in a commercial setting. It was chock full of sweet potatoes, green onions and hard boiled eggs.

Potatoes are perfectly cooked and the spud salad is perfectly dressed with mayonnaise & mustard....not gloopy or cloying. Darryl encourages us to try the meat before we decide to slather sauce on top. Taste the smoke, taste the true flavour of the meat in its pureness. After that if you want sauce he's ok with that.

Moving on comes the smoked pulled pork. Natch there is coleslaw slaw on the side. Darryl informs us the traditional way of eating PP is to slather the slaw on top of the pork. My husband Dennis is beginning to moan. I'm looking around the room wondering if they have one of those emergency CPR resuscitation machines. If not I'll just leave him on the floor until I'm finished my sandwich.

This just ain't human. Out comes the ribs and the hush puppies. No, these arent' those nerdy Hush Puppies that you put your feet. Hush puppies are corn bread dollops deep fried and served on the side of the smoked ribs.
Now be forewarned. If saucy is your trip then these ribs ain't gonna work for you. This is about rub....and low and slow cooking. It is a snout-full of smoke. Dennis declares these are the best ribs he's ever tasted. I'm ribs have always been the best he's ever tasted. I'm calling my lawyer first thing on Monday morning. I make a point of unplugging the charger on the plant defibrillator machine.

The swan song in this bbq extravaganza....smoked Mars bars. Yeah, you read that right. Darryl freezes them and them they put 'em on the cue. Check out the pics.
You'll see the grill marks on the back of the bars.

Ok, so what did I learn? There is food life in the 'burbs....I mean we are talking serious smoking effing cue here people. My priceless moment.....getting to meet (meat) Shari M's mom. Meat rules.
Meat. Sleep. Pray....for a chance to get out to Buster Rhino's

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