Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pie Shack

I have found a new house of worship on Queen St. E. and it's called The Pie Shack. Hallelujah, amen sista, pass the plate, I've been saved. This is my kind of temple. I could give thanks here on an ongoing basis. After a celebratory Decemburger victory scoff with Kat "my nails always look great" D. & Shari "love me, love my pussy" M. at the W Burger Bar (stay tuned for my review on that) we headed over to the Beaches for some Pie Shack loving with Tim the owner and his four legged pal, Campbell, the resident canine. If you haven't been to this pie shrine then I suggest you get baptized quick!

Comfort abounds at Pie Shack so any guilt you might experience from gobbling up pie with the trimmings quickly dissipates. Weems chairs and distressed tables, small sofas, easy on the eyes lighting and a cupboard full of board games just screams at you to hang out for a while. Tim the owner is an absolute charm and is the sweetest piece of pie in the place! Going to the Pie Shack is like going home to your favorite Auntie's house, you just know you are going to love it.
Pie here is fabulous and simple. It isn't the over the top 22 different choices you'd find over at Wanda's. Frankly I didn't miss having all those choices because what was there was stellar. Peach, Bumbleberry, Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb or can have with whipped cream or ice cream....or both. Tim serves you so attentively, encourages you to take your time, is quick to refill your coffee cup with a damn fine cup 'o java. Cloth napkins, all made just for the shop, that are crisp and homey just seal the deal on the comfort of this destination dessert spot.

I opt for the basic Apple & Cinnamon. A few minutes later Tim tells me that he has piece that is only 2/3 of a slice (it's the end of the day) and I tell him that is ok. He tells me to pick another pie and he'll lop off a piece and make it the equivalent of a whole big slice. He smiles and tells me that way I get to try two kinds of pie. I love this man. He knows a way to a girls heart.

The pie is delicious. The top of the pastry is super flaky, almost like puff pastry. It makes the pie light. There is no pie goop here, no syrupy fillers. Just beautiful sliced apples that still have some body to them. I also bought a piece of pecan pie to take home to my honey as Pecan pie is his favorite. I gotta tell you, whole large pecans filled the flan like crust and the pie isn't runny as some Pecan pies can be. The dense amount of pecans give it body and make it firm. The flavour of butter screams out from the pecans and even though we eat this pie at home the next day it is still fresh and delicious.

I'm going back to the Pie Shack. I'm waiting for the Lemon Meringue pie. Amen brothers and pass the damn plate!

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