Monday, May 24, 2010

LPK's.....Lescia's really the punk kid but man can this girl bake!

Just for the record, LPK stands for Little Punk Kid and for those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Lesia, I'm sure you'll agree, its a moniker that she wears well, right down to her purple hair. Being a part of the Cupcake Crawl debauchery from last weekend is how I was introduced to this new addition to the Queen St. scene (Queen & Broadview....doors away from Dangerous Dans). There isn't a lot more that I can add to what has already been previously written but I would just like to mention the Lavender Buttercream Icing is beyond anything other kind of icing I have ever tasted. Ambrosial. Gentle. It makes you close your eyes and quietly hum that "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" thing. I liked this store so much that I have already ventured back there from last Saturday. Like Kat, mentioned, those Spicy Chevre Noir Shortbread are addictive and perhaps should be made illegal. I made mention of them in my cupcake review when I spoke about the store. It was also the only store along the cupcake route that I spent extra money in. I have been jones'ing for those shortbread bites for a couple of days and couldn't resist any longer. I pit-stopped in yesterday and bought two bags, one to take home to share with my honey and one for my right hand desk drawer at the office (muuuhhhhhaaaaaaawww ww). I purchased a half dozen of their Cornmeal Anise Biscotti because I love the consistency of cornmeal and these babies hit the spot with my morning coffee. I also caved and bought a small 4 inch Poppyseed cake....iced with....yes, you guessed it, Lavender Buttercream icing. Ok, so I'm going to hell but at least it'll taste good.From a price point, it's a straight up hard core kick in the pocketbook but when it comes to eating real food I'm willing to part with my money. If you read the ingredient tags on the LPK's products they all denote which each individual product is organic, ethical or fair trade. This is all about love and respect for real food. I'm so down with that. Finally, while I was at the store there was a guy there from Toronto Life who was interviewing Lesia about the shop. He spoke with me for a few minutes because she had mentioned to him that I had been part of the Yelp Cupcake Crawl. At the end of our conversation I said to him "if you don't write something good about this place I'm gonna have a to kill you." :)

Later desk drawer is whispering to me....psssssssst.... .

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  1. Go to and vote for Lescia's spicy chevre noir shortbread for best spicy dessert in the city!