Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Berkeley Cafe

Gearing up for our annual event finds me on the corner of Berkeley & Queen again this spring and so we dash into the Berkeley Cafe for a bite of lunch and some respite from a long morning of meetings. My affection factor the BC has jumped a star and I've decided that as small and limited in their hours, this is just about one of my most favorite lunch spots in the city.

It's not cluttered with bric-a-brac like so many other garage sale decorated cafes that have popped up all over the city. There are no funky smells from old chairs and sofas and there are no greasy dust strings across old lighting fixtures. Is it a busy spot, yup, it is. A constant stream of coming and going for takeout, which in my opinion, tells you this is a place that makes decent food.

The soup of the day was a Mexican spicy chipotle lentil soup. I asked about getting it in a takeout container because I can never eat all this food in one sitting. The waitress suggests I order just a cup size. I jump at this suggestion and this soup was damn delicious, almost coming across like lentil stew. My lunch mate took one look at my soup and promptly ordered up one for herself. I ordered an egg salad sandwich with a side salad.
This was simply one of the best egg salad sandwiches I've ever had in a cafe. Red onion, fresh dill, lots of arugula and bean sprouts on super fresh whole grain bread. The side salad was pretty, bright and screamed fresh, fresh, fresh. Grated carrots, beets, big chunks of crunchy red peppers, spanish onions and cukes atop a bed of spring mix with a light, tangy vinaigrette.

My lunch buddy ordered up a spicy grilled chicken salad topped with feta and dressed with a lemony vinaigrette. In addition to this I had an Americano at the end of my meal. The bill total came to a whopping $15.40 for both us together. Best lunch bargain we've had in ages. Check out the pics. The Berkeley Cafe is one of my most fave lunch destinations and considering I'll be in that neighbourhood for the next few months I'm grateful that they are there! Fresh, delicious food and easy on the pocketbook. Thank you BC!

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