Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Caledon Farmer's Market

Live local. Buy local. Eat local. Caledon and its surrounding areas is home to some of the best farming/agricultural communities in Ontario. This past year there has been a real push on to develop the Caledon Farmer's Market so every Thursday, from June to October (3:00-8:00 p.m.) you'll find a hub of local farmers, producers, growers, artisans etc. hawking their wares at the Albion Bolton Agricultural Fairgrounds. I have always been true to the tenet about supporting my local businesses and the farmer's market is no exception to that rule. So you'll usually find me there on Thursdays, with my enviro-bags in hand, rummaging through what is seasonal for that week. Last week I couldn't resist the baby beets (I roasted them with fresh rosemary....delish!) and of course the bundles of sweet carrots. I stocked up on lettuce, peppers and got a gorgeous Acorn squash. My favorite produce booth at the market is Everdale Farms. It's an environmental farming centre of excellence that prides itself not only on its produce but its educational programs for farmers and for the public. I also learned that there is an actual Soapmakers Guild in Ontario, go figure. The bargains this past week included a grab of glorious Gladiolas (15 stems for ten bucks!) , those sweet baby beets (3 bucks a bunch of 20) and the peaches which are in full season. I realize that Bolton/Caledon is an out of the way spot for many but Agro-tourism is a growing trend across this province and often makes for a nice day out and about. If you get a chance I'd encourage you to stop in to the Farmer's Market. The fairgrounds that the market is held on is one of the oldest fairgrounds in North America.

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