Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the Inglewood Farmer's Market

Located in the nook and cranny on McLaughlin Road just north of Olde Base Line is the Inglewood Farmer's Market. This little market is open every Wednesday from mid June to late September. I've been on a quest to search out the summer markets and try to enjoy the seasonal treats that Mother Nature puts on our tables. This is a small market, almost on the side of the road on a grassy knoll beside the Inglewood General store.
Initially I didn't think there'd be much here for me to fill my tote bag with.... surprise, surprise. By the time I was finished the bag was brimming with local food goodness. I met a quirky gentleman who was selling homemade bagels with flour that he actually milled himself. At first I thought he was pulling my leg but I realized that he was actually quite genuine. Bagels were a dollar a piece and were primarily made of his ground whole wheat flour mixed with rye. I grabbed up a couple of his bagels so I'll be sure to check back in on them after I have them for breakfast tomorrow. There was a picnic table full of freshly baked breads. I couldn't resist Mrs. V homemade Banana Pecan loaf.
I also bought a loaf of a garlic sourdough bread. There was lamb and beef, both local, organic and ethically farmed. Strawberries and raspberries were the berries of the day so naturally I couldn't go home pintless. There were fresh flowers and lots of lovely preserves, pickles and jams.

I have to say though my favorite spot at the market was the mushroom lady's spot.
For $8 I bought what looked like a strudel and it was filled with mushrooms, ricotta, onions and herbs. I also picked up her version of a mushroom spanakopita which were 3 for $5. In addition to that I picked up a tub of her mushroom dip that was absolutely delicious. The 'shroom lady was hawking some pretty wacky looking mushrooms and it didn't take long for her booth to sell out.

Garlic scape was plentiful. I love the scape. Most people just don't know what to do with it. A good heads up is to toss it into a processor and make a version of garlic scape pesto with it which is superb on pasta.

My other fave buy of the day was some wonderful lettuce from the Caledon Farm. They were selling two types of packaged lettuce so I opted for the All Star Mix because it was the special of the day for $3. The lettuce was soft, similar to the consistency of Boston lettuce. Big props to the Caledon Farm as the lettuce lady took great pride in pointing out that their packaging isn't just recyclable but also biodegradeable! Bravo! The pretty little surprise of this lettuce mix were the tiny little edible flowers amongst the leaves. So delightful. So pretty. So delicious. .

Before I left the market I backed my car up into the parking lot and loaded it up with three pots of new lillies to add to my perennial garden, one being a dwarf lilly and the other being one of the most unusual lillies I've ever seen. All in all, I have to say I found the Inglewood Farmer's Market a quirky little spot, with fiddlers on the hill and children chasing puppies. This is most definitely a lovely little local farm market to stop in at. It was an Inglewood supper tonight with the Mushrooms in Pastry and some gorgeous side salad just lightly drizzled with olive oil, balsamic, smoked salt and freshly ground pepper. It was a perfect evening dinner.


  1. Hey Miss E....thanks for the heads up. I've never seen that Real Time Farms site so I've already added this market and some pics. I'll keep adding the other markets as well. Have to support our growers!

  2. Thanks for the plug! My site is

    Julie (aka mushroom lady ;)