Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just Another Day at the Evergreen Brick Works

I hauled my daughter's arse out of bed this morning and hit the road for a Saturday morning road trip to the Evergreen Brick Works. She had never been there before but for me it's becoming my Saturday morning shopping stop. I bumped into Joel (foodie411) and later in the morning I had the good fortune to meet and gab with Chef Brad Long who told me he was building a new restaurant in the brick works development.

Lettuce is alive and well at the Evergreen Brick Works. With all the rain we've had the lettuce this year has been one of the best crops I've seen ages. There were more than a half dozen booths selling greens of one sort or another. From Garlic scape to Tatsoi Greens there is something for every ones taste buds. I couldn't resist the snow peas at Vickie's Vegetables and then when I saw the white asparagus at Cookstown Greens I knew exactly what I was having for dinner with those lamb kebabs. We munched on a cone of Jamie Kennedy's fries laden with fresh rosemary, sipped some dark roast fair trade coffee with Harmony cream, and shared a grilled cheese & caramelized onion sandwich. I most definitely have a few favorite spots at the market. There is an older couple who have a baked goods booth that I just cannot resist. Today I bought an apple loaf that was hands down the best loaf cake I have ever purchased from anywhere. This booth is just laden with breads, muffins, loaf cakes and Chelsea buns. I coughed up $24.95 for a 1 litre bottle of maple syrup which I'm good with. I must say though, $7.00 for a pint of organic strawberries is a bit outrageous. I meandered out the back of the brick works with my coffee, sat down and enjoyed the view of the pond. You almost can't believe that directly behind you, behind all this food goodness, lays the Don Valley Parkway. The EBW is my Saturday morning destination and whatever is seasonal on those days is what will end up on my dinner table that evening. I love me some farmer's markets.

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