Monday, June 14, 2010

The Lackey, Kilikanoon Winery, Shiraz $17.95 @ bottle

Australians are making wines that are pretty.....pretty darned good tasting...pretty darned good price point and pretty darned good lay downs. The Kilikanoon Winery is one of the more higher end estate wineries producing out of Australia these days and its not uncommon to find the bulk of what you can buy here priced in between the $30-$50 a bottle range. They are notorious for producing thick, lush, black currents in a glass types of wine and accordingly so go the price tag.
That is why finding their $17.95 Shiraz affectionately called The Lackey just made my day!

This 2007 Shiraz, which is very young, and can easily be laid down for a few years, only to have the age improves its drink-ability, is an absolute steal for the price. This baby has legs on her like Tina Turner. Long, tall and luscious. A good swirl around your glass is the first hint that this wine is like a 2' x 4' and has backbone. The Lackey ain't for the weak of heart. It's got a fruity bite of well ripened black currents and black berries together and you'll almost think that maybe you should get out a spoon and eat this wine like a fruit compote.

By far and away The Lackey is hands down one of the best red wine wines for under twenty bucks this side of the Great Barrier Reef. Be warned though, don't drink this wine unaccompanied without some noshing. It needs something akin to some hearty meat (lamb, beef, spicy Thai or some kick you in the ass cheese) or a well smoked charcuterie. This ain't no wine for the weak of heart or for those who tend to tipple Chardonnay. The Lackey 2007 is definitely what I call the Killer B's....big, bold and beautiful.

Make sure to open this wine opening it up! Give it 30 minutes to breath before you start in on it. Decanting would also be recommended. Use large glasses, pour 3-4 ounces and move this fruit in a glass round and round. You'll find The Lackey in the Vintages section of the LCBO and the label shows a pair of Blundstones. :) At least it ain't a goat. G'day mates.

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