Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Stockyards

Oh there is gonna be some good lovin for Momma tonight! Yowza! I was on my way back from a meeting at St. Clair & Yonge, trundling along in the construction when I hit Christie St. and before you could sing R-E-S-P-E-C-T I was hauling my junk into The Stockyards. I was starving for a bit of lunch and I figured might as well get my fill of 'smokin good meat. It was mid-afternoon so I caught a break and the place was winding down from the lunch mania.

After inspecting the menu and realizing that one of my man's most fav chowdowns includes Porcetta I opted to get some take-out that I could drag home for him and my daughter. I'm such a good woman. :) I bought three sandwiches: Porcetta; Pulled Pork and Smoked Pulled Chicken. I asked them not to put the meat on the bun as by the time I would get it home it would be sog city. When the guy at the counter took my order he was quite happy to help me out with my request. The girl behind the counter snorted "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Pack it all separately?!!!" as she screwed up her face at the inconvenience and extra work. I quickly shouted out "hey girlie girl....this food is gonna get me some good lovin tonight!". The place broke up in to hysterics. Then she replies "oh well in that problem girlfriend!", shot me a big smile and a big wink. It's smoked meat in the sisterhood ya know!

I also order the fried Chicken because I've heard so much about it. It is 12 bucks and what you get are four pieces (half a chicken), a pile of crispy, golden fries and some slaw. The slaw I could take or leave. The fries were perfection although they need to lighten up on the salt a bit. Any haunting demons about KFC will be exorcised with this fried chicken. Be prepared to wait, the chicken takes about 20 minutes. They also have daily specials, today was a five buck burger.

I sidled up to the counter with a glass of the house Limeade to wait for my order and began gabbing with Rochelle, the manager. She told me that they've struggled to meet the rib demand because the smoker can only hold so many racks in a day. I don't suspect that problem will get any easier, the place just reeks of bbq flavour from floor to ceiling. I felt like Pavlov's doggy when I walked in the door.

On a whimsical side note, I had a major childhood flashback. They use paper straws at the Stockyards! I can't even remember when I last saw one of those green and white swirly paper straws. All of their packaging is green/biodegradable/ compostable.

They completely packed my sandwich orders separately so when I get home tonight my loved ones can put their own sandwiches together. I had bites out of all of the meat they packed up. As God is my witness I shall never, ever become vegetarian. Pulled pork & Porcetta should never taste this damn good. The sandwiches are coming out the door with me shortly to make their way to the hinterland that is known as Caledon. I have a feeling that Momma's gonna have a happy hubby this evening and you know what that means baby.....there's gonna be good loving for this woman tonight!

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